Our PADI Open Water courses are currently held on a two-weekend schedule. The first weekend consists of classroom and pool training sessions. The second weekend is the open water certification dives (check-out dives), where the knowledge learned in the classroom and pool is applied in real diving situations.

The classroom portion is setup as part self-learning and part lecture. When you sign up for class you are given an Open Water Diver Manual to take home and complete on your own. In the classroom session we will supplement and elaborate upon the information in the book. Class begins promptly at 6:00 PM on Friday nights and continues into the evening. The following morning we reconvene and finish any remaining class work. Following completion of the class work we travel to our pool facilities to begin the skills discussed in class. The pool work lasts most of the day on Saturday and carries over onto Sunday.
The Open Water (second) weekend involves four open water dives, two on Saturday and two on Sunday. During the summer and fall we hold our open water dives in local bodies of water. During the winter and early spring we travel to Seattle, which requires an additional instructor fee.

The cost of the Open Water certification class covers everything you will need to finish your certification; use of rental gear, books, pool fees, etc. except masks and snorkels. If you have your own mask and snorkel we do reserve the right to approve the mask before class to determine if it will be sufficient for diving. If you do not have your own, we do provide a discount for students to purchase them at our shop.

During the summer months we have access to several outdoor pools that are not available during the colder seasons and can setup classes outside of our normal weekend schedule to accommodate most schedules.